You Know You’re A Guitar Player When

You Know You’re A Guitar Player When
You Know You’re a Guitarist When… you randomly have a guitar pick stuck to your body and you didn’t even realize it (that’s me pictured).

In an effort to unite guitarists around the world, I started a hashtag on Twitter called #youknowyoureaguitarplayerwhen. Not only did the participants connect with many guitar players around the globe, but we were all able to effectively identify our guitar-player-idiosyncrasies with a great sense of humor.

Guitarists from France, Malaysia, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Poland, Italy, England, Australia, Singapore, and Sweden became engaged in what turned out to be a comedic and entertaining hashtag. The #youknowyoureaguitarplayerwhen hashtag even made it on to the Play A Little Guitar blog.

Here are some of the posts with their respective author. Enjoy!


You Know You’re a Guitar Player when…


you’re jealous of the busker on the street corner cos [sic] at least he has a gig. 🙁 @iheartguitar

… you suffer severe guitar-withdrawal at parties and start making chord-shapes in the air @sjusovaren

your significant other becomes jealous of your guitar because you give it “too much attention.” @pauline_france

… you know 14 places to play ‘E’ but couldn’t actually identify the note when you hear it @iheartguitar

… you watched the end of the movie Crossroads at least 99 times @sarssipius

…you have picks in your wallet/pocket…. and you find picks in your washing machine! @pauline_france

…you can talk about lubrication, nuts, rods and balls with a straight face @iheartguitar

…at the bar you order a Gin Pentatonic @sarssipius

… you don’t know why people laugh when you say you stretch your g string before using the wang bar @iheartguitar

you carry a nail file @pauline_france

… you’re to see a band with a hot singer, but you’re only watching the guitarist/s and checking out their gear @kristieaddison

… You give money to the guy playing guitar for tips because you EMPATHIZE with him @pauline_france

… someone say [sic] “G string” and you expose your theory on why it is so hard to keep its tuning stable! @sarssipius

… you always want the solo to be longer! @sarssipius

you know about physics has to do with 2-point floating trems @iheartguitar

… people always ask you why you have long nails on one hand and short nails on the other @pauline_france

… you have more picks than money in your pockets @thomas4th

With over 40 participants, 4+ days of participation, and and countless amount of re-tweets, my efforts to connect guitarists around the world were quite successful. Thanks to all the contributors.

5 thoughts on “You Know You’re A Guitar Player When”

  • So awesome P_France that iheartguitar guy is the funniest one. What is he, a comedian that plays guitar.

  • Hehe, thanks! Well I do have a secret dream of being a comedy writer, going back to my days writing for the student newspaper at university, but I’m worried that if I push that angle too much, nobody will take my music seriously, and my music tends to be a bit dark and foreboding, so that’d just get confusing.