Taylor Swift Writes Songs, I Write Poems

Taylor Swift Writes Songs, I Write Poems

Here’s a poem I wrote maaaany years ago when I was in college and someone tried  to dull my shine. Little did I know at the time that it was a blessing in disguise.

I’m Incandescent

By Pauline France

It’s funny how, what people love the most of you,
can be your own “demise.”
What am I supposed to do?
Put on some big disguise?

You said I’m too affectionate,
You said that I’m too driven,
For me those things are normal,
Those things are just a given.

I’m accomplished, I’m successful,
On that, we both can bet,
But wait, that’s not a good thing,
“That’s a bad thing, that’s a threat…”

I’m an old soul
In a young woman’s body
I’d rather be that than
dumb, shallow and gaudy.

Your hurtful words,
pierced through my soul,
You scarred my heart,
Was that your goal?

You ended our relationship,
Did yourself a huge disservice,
What on Earth did I do wrong?
I don’t think that I deserved this…

I’m not about to change,
and lose my individuality,
to adapt to your insecurities,
and fit your personality

I’m too real to put up walls,
What you see is what you get,
So man up, you little boy,
Have no fear and no regrets,

I look back in retrospect,
Think you did me a big old favor
I’ll move on, enjoy my life,
And reap the fruits of my own labor