Traveling For Work is Still Work

Traveling For Work is Still Work

What you think I’m doing                                                   What I’m actually doing



Many of you have seen me posting pictures of my recent trips to Miami, San Francisco, Anaheim, etc., checking in at the coolest places, and all that good stuff. You can’t help but wonder “How does she get to travel so much?” It’s called work!

While it may seem glamorous, traveling for work is still work. Packing is an event within itself (as is unpacking), and work back in the office doesn’t magically stop while you’re on the road; it piles up.

Of course there’s no denying that visiting new places is exciting and rewarding, but it comes with a price tag.

Finding a balance between work in the office, work on the road and everything else in between is a fine art of jugglery. Here are five things that have helped me while working on the road. Hope they work for you, too!

  • Whenever possible, try to schedule your business trips with at least two weeks in between each trip.
  • Unless you’re somewhere in the wilderness with no reception, you still have to check your e-mail and respond. Setting your out of office doesn’t mean you don’t have to get back to people, especially if you’re in PR.
  • If you’re traveling for a conference or event, there’s a list of things I recommend you bring. Depending on the nature of your event, they may spare you from some serious networking nightmares. You can read my travel tips here.
  • Taking clothes to the dry cleaner can get expensive when you travel often. Buy a steamer and wash your laundry at home, unless you have a delicate garment that requires special care. Oh, yeah, and buying new clothes while you’re traveling because you ran out of clean laundry gets expensive, too ;).
  • This may seem obvious, but always check the weather before you travel. My luggage always has an umbrella, and it’s come in handy on numerous occasions.