Study Shows Men With Guitars Are More Attractive. But What About the Ladies?

Study Shows Men With Guitars Are More Attractive. But What About the Ladies?


Alright gents, line up at your nearest music store.

A recent study conducted by France’s Universate de Bretagne-Sud says that men carrying a guitar are considered sexier than those not carrying a guitar.

I don’t necessarily agree nor disagree with the results of the study; I just don’t like that it doesn’t talk about the effects women with guitars have on men.

I’m no scientist, but based on my personal experience, women with guitars elicit one or all of the following feelings:

  1. Intrigue – “She plays guitar? She must be interesting”
  2. Skepticism – “I bet she can’t play; she must be holding her boyfriend’s guitar”
  3. Infatuation – The “I want to marry you right now” effect
  4. Undermining – “She’s probably some emo singer-songwriter”
  5. Sexism – The classic and cringe-inducing “she’s pretty good – for a girl
  6. Sex Appeal – “That is hot”

Throughout my 12 years as a guitarist, I’ve experienced all of the scenarios above. Nine times out of 10, men assume I play all but three chords and are shocked to hear I love prog rock, worship Paul Gilbert, and enjoy listening to Pantera. The look on their face is priceless.

Some other times, men are captivated and entirely mesmerized (refer to point #3). You just never know.

While picking up a guitar to be more attractive is not a “bad” thing, learning guitar for the sake of playing music is far more gratifying than being hit on because you have a guitar. But that’s just me ;).

Watch coverage related to the study on NBC Nightly News below:

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