Smelling The Skunk Makes Guitar Awesome

I‘m a classically trained guitarist, and I was pretty much taught to play with a straight face, no matter how much I was burning inside to show some sign of emotion. God forbid some sort of gesticulation, right?

Well, no. That’s just wrong. From now on, I’m going to be human and show it by doing the Smelling the Skunk face.

As the guitarist in the video below says, “the more bend and feel you can get in your notes, the more it smells.”

And be sure to gradually build up to the Smelling the Skunk face by starting with an “I’m going to sneeze face.” 😉



1 thought on “Smelling The Skunk Makes Guitar Awesome”

  • Aaahahahaha. That's great. I'm not sure exactly what kind of faces I pull when I'm playing guitar but I've noticed that when I'm performing a legato lick I lift one foot off the ground and kind of hover.