Poem on Public Relations

When life hits you hard, it’s best to have a sense of humor. This is a poem I wrote after being notified I wasn’t the recipient of a PR scholarship I applied for. Enjoy 🙂


I Didn’t Get The Scholarship
By Pauline France

I didn’t get the scholarship,
My pocketbook is shattered,
But I’ve managed to convince myself,
It’s relationships that matter.

Today I got a phone call
I wish had not gone through,
“Pauline, we’ve got a winner,
but we’re sorry, it’s not you.”

Although I’m not the lucky winner,
I refuse to be upset,
As a wise man I know would say,
have no fear and no regrets.

I will move on
and pursue my education,
by studying what I love the most:
my dear public relations.

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