Periodic Table of Heavy Metals

Periodic Table of Heavy Metals

If you’re a heavy metal fan or just a flat-out nerd (perhaps you fall into both categories, like me), the poster featured below is of the essence.

The clever folks at Pop Chart Labs created a table of 303 heavy metal (bands) from AC/DC to Zyklon, and arranged them according to genre. Click on the image below to enlarge.



Some of my favorites? “Sd” for System of a Down at #94 under the Melodic Death Metals category, “Md” at #83 for Megadeth in the Thrash Metals category, and “A” for AC/DC at #73 under the Drone Metals category. My version of the periodic table of heavy metals would have to include Deftones, though.

Anywho, this geeky poster is fun to study. Get yours here



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