My Daily Bread

Here’s a poem on what I like to do the most: Communicating. It’s called My Daily Bread and it’s fresh out of the oven – RIMSHOT – 😛 Enjoy!

My Daily Bread

By Pauline France

Communicating is my passion
Communicating is my disease
If I don’t say what I have to
My mind won’t be at ease

Some call it a virtue
Some call it a curse
I got something to say
Before I feel worse

I’ll make it short,
I’ll make it sweet,
It won’t be longer
than a Twitter tweet

I communicate for a living
To that you can attest
We both cannot deny
It is what I do best

Communication in the morning
Communication in the night
Communicating is my
Afternoon delight

Now it’s your turn,
Go on, don’t be shy
Do you like to communicate?
Yes, no, and why?

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