Life Coach Saves Metallica From Breaking Up. He Deserves a Hug.

Imagine a world without Metallica. That would be really sad.


When the band recorded their album St. Anger in 2004, they nearly imploded. It’s when they sought out the help of life coach Phil Towle. Both Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield have said that Towle helped the band do what they needed to, and prevented the break up that seemed inevitable before he arrived. That man deserves a hug. #justsayin


Sometimes we just need a little pat on the back. That includes public figures who seem tough or unbreakable, like Oprah, Beyoncé, and even Metallica (my fave).

I recently came back from an amazing conference with Brendon Burchard, a New York Times best-selling author and expert on motivation and high performance. Attending his seminar worked wonders for me, and it helped answer a question I often asked myself: how do public figures prepare before giving a speech? How do globally recognized musicians like Britney Spears or Metallica get ready before performing for a sold-out stadium?

The answer is: they have a pro by their side who is essentially a supercharged cheerleader. This person is an expert on emotional intelligence, positivity, and more – and they work. Like, a lot.

Anyhow, life coaching is for all kinds of people with various goals. By seeing the ways that celebrities use life coaches to their best advantage, it’s easier to understand how this kind of support and motivation can help anyone achieve more.

So whether you opt for Brendon Burchard, Phil Towle, or Tony Robbins, there are a on of resources out there to help you stay on track and perform at your best.