Joe Kye and Myki Angeline Give Me Humbling Shout-Out on The M.A.N.A. Show

I was at Summer NAMM in Nashville about a year ago power-walking to a meeting, right? When all of a sudden, I heard celestial live music that made me come to a complete stop.

The music was coming from Joe Kye, an extraordinarily gifted human being with the ability to tap right into one’s soul with his violin and tender voice. You can read all about Kye and my experience in an article I wrote for Guitar World.

Kye was recently interviewed by Sacramento-based podcaster and music maven Myki Angeline on The M.A.N.A. Show, where the two talk about Kye’s experience playing at Bernie Sanders’ rallies, and a lot more. At the end, the two give me a beautiful and unexpected shout-out. You can listen to it below at minute 38:51.

Thanks, Myki and Joe for the love! It is much reciprocated. I am humbled and so lucky to know you both. Mwah!!