Invigorating Music that Inspires Workday Productivity

Invigorating Music that Inspires Workday Productivity

When I was working at Fender, a writer for The Arizona Republic came to the office to interview my colleague for a piece she was writing on what employees listen to while working. You can read that here.

I thought it was a cool topic to write about, and it inspired me to give you a glimpse into a few  songs I often listen to throughout my workday.

There’s no discrimination in my musical taste – I listen to everything from Pantera to Los Tigres del Norte and everything in between. Let’s go!

“5 Minutes Alone” – Pantera. Recommended listen for:

  • Prior to walking into a meeting or jumping on a conference call (coffee and steno pad in hand for optimum results)
  • Annihilating things off your to-do list
  • Whenever you want to bask in the glory of Dimebag Darrell’s blissful guitar chops.

For a similar effect, I recommend “I’m Broken,” and “A New Level,” by Pantera, and Deftones’ entire Koi No Yokan album.

“Bright Lights Bigger City” – Cee Lo Green. Recommended listen for:

    • Getting ready to go to work. You’ll feel like a million bucks.
    • Getting ready to shut down for the day. You’ll want to get ready to go out.
    • Whenever, really.

“Team” – Lorde. Recommended listen for:

  • When you’re pouring your first coffee of the day and aren’t quite ready for the musical jolt that Pantera will inevitably provide.
  • Background music while partaking in any mellow activities, mainly sifting through e-mails.
  • Anything that inspires calm excitement. Good song to gently wake up to.

“Ay Vamos” – J. Balvin. Recommended listen for:

  • After rocking a meeting or conference call. You kinda can’t help but dance to this song.
  • When in need of a post-lunch pick-me-up. For maximum effect, pair with strong Colombian coffee.

“Doo-Wop” – Lauryn Hill. Recommended listen for:

  • When coffee number one has already kicked in, and you need a power anthem to further catapult your mojo.

“Rising Force” – Yngwie Malmsteen. Recommended listen for:

    • When you’re not sure if you’re in the mood for classical or electric guitar (how about both?).
    • At the end of a really successful work day.