I Like Big Cups and I Cannot Lie

I Like Big Cups and I Cannot Lie
Me inhaling a giant latte from La Boulange in Lafayette, Calif.
Nope, that is not soup. That is me inhaling a giant latte from La Boulange in Lafayette, Calif.

Today marks a holiday of the highest level of importance: National Coffee Day. Yes, the day where all of us caffeine junkies congregate to proclaim our profound love for coffee.

Because coffee isn’t just a liquid substance we ingest… it’s a way of life. IT IS LIFE. Before coffee, there was nothingness.


So whether you like it Arabic, Turkish, Vietnamese, Cuban, as a Mexican café de la olla, or in its most humble and pure form, black, there is no denying that coffee is a means of bringing people together. Coffee is a binding agent of love… in a cup.

Anyhow, to honor this special day, I’ve created some guidelines to determine if you’re in a committed relationship with coffee (it’s not an addiction, it’s a commitment).

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 1.22.49 PM

You know you’re in a committed relationship with coffee when…

  • You make lunch plans based around the nearest coffee location. If there isn’t a coffee shop within walking distance of a restaurant, lunch ain’t gonna happen there. #JustSayin
  • You have guests over, the first thing you offer is coffee.
  • If your guests say no, you still force encourage them to drink, even when they don’t want it. Because you know what’s best for them. 
  • It’s really hard for you to be friends with people who don’t share your level of infatuation for coffee. Tea just doesn’t cut it, brah.


  • You’ve spent invested a lot of time and money on coffee machines in the ultimate pursuit of happiness. It’s like dating, but with coffee appliances. You won’t settle until you find *the one*
  • You want it to be tomorrow just so that you can indulge in your cup of joe.
  • Sometimes you don’t even want coffee, but you just want to hold a warm cup of comfort in your hands.
  • You belong to a coffee club and receive coffee bean delivery to your front door.
  • When you travel, you skip the museums and tourist destinations, and the first thing you look up is amazing coffee shops.
  • You build and dress up as a giant, award-winning (yes, I got a prize), real-life Starbucks cup for Halloween, because why not?


  • You jump at the opportunity of caffeinating your co-workers, doctor’s office staff, any time, any day… JUST  FOR THE SAKE OF A SMILE. #willcaffeinateforsmiles
  • You keep a Google spreadsheet of your closest friend’s drinks, and randomly surprise them with their favorite beverage.
  • You go back to your barista and thank them for the drink they prepared for you, because they’re so used to complaints, you want to remind them how appreciated they are.
  • You write a list to know if you’re in a committed relationship with coffee.

Cheers and happy national coffee day to all my fellow caffeine lovers. What’s your plan for today?… 🙂IMG_5369