I Heart Jamba: A Lesson In Customer Loyalty

I Heart Jamba: A Lesson In Customer Loyalty

I love Jamba Juice. I love it so much that I’ve invested serious amounts of money on a daily basis throughout the past two years, indulging in my Original, Five Fruit Frenzy with two scoops of whey protein – yes, I can even say that in my sleep. 

The good news is, customer loyalty pays off. Jamba Juice launched its “Jamba Juice Ambassadors of Wow” campaign, a year-long contest to find devoted Jamba Juice fanatics across the country. Guess who one of the winners is? I am! 


To enter, I wrote a short paragraph on what I’m passionate about and how I’d proclaim my love for Jamba (as seen in the image above).

And, what on Earth is a Jamba Juice Ambassador, you ask? A Jamba Juice ambassador embodies health and nourishment and appropriately represents the brand by proclaiming their love for Jamba Juice to all their friends and networks. 

I was personally selected by Jamba Juice among all San Diego contestants based on my attitude toward health, interest in inspiring people around me, my hobbies, level of activity, and knowledge of and passion for Jamba Juice. 

So, I am basically a San Diegan Jamba Juice trooper!! Aside from proudly carrying the Ambassador of Wow title, I got a very generous gift card from the beloved people at Jamba Juice. 

It’s companies like these that really know how to create a solid army of loyal customers. Not only are their products good, but so is their mission – to provide choices you can feel good about and to celebrate the flavors of life! 



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