I am not Superwoman (and neither are you).

More often than not, I believe I am superwoman. Then, certain events take place to remind me that I, in fact, do not have super powers. These events can either make you, or break you – it all depends on how you take them.

I am a very internally motivated and driven individual, and I have a burning desire to succeed. Once I’m in “the zone,” I go into autopilot mode and don’t look back.

The thing is, I am only human. In the past month, I ended up in urgent care more than TWICE (that explains my lack of blog posts). Diagnosis? Stress. You betcha! At times I was SO stressed, that it felt as though I were booked for life.

I’ve been taught before that, in times of crisis, what matters is not what happens to you, but how you handle what happens to you. I have also been taught to live a life of integrity and gratitude.

This post is for those who oftentimes attempt to do more than they can. Dream big, get things done, but LEARN TO SAY NO.

We live in a society designed to please others. Guess what? Please yourself. Say NO when you have to. Saying “no” can be one of the most amazing, rewarding feelings ever. Live a life of integrity. Be impeccable with your words. Be thankful for what you have.

Love your life.






1 thought on “I am not Superwoman (and neither are you).”

  • Take care of yourself. FIRST. It’s not selfish, it’s sensible. As someone who’s nearly worked themselves into a hospital stay before, I strongly urge to (while remaining focused on your goals…don’t get me wrong) allow yourself some YOU time. Relax. Recharge. So you can’t do everything at once – OK, but isn’t being healthier and in a better frame of mind more important, so that what you DO accomplish is of higher quality overall? Insert standard "Don’t burn the candle at both ends" bit here, but it’s true.

    I suggest sleep and a liberal dose of poolside relaxation. And maybe a massage or four. Not necessarily in that order. No pressure. 😉