How to Exterminate Musicians

The “M” word – marriage – is, without question, a sensitive topic for a large segment of the population. There is, however, a more specific group of individuals who have a particular disturbance with even the mere thought of getting married; these people are called musicians.  

Back in May, I posted a Peanuts comic strip titled “Never Discuss Marriage With a Musician.” I received a lot of kudos from fellow musicians.

Here’s more evidence suggesting that the only knot musicians want to tie is with their strings.



Whether you laughed, cried, sighed, agreed or disagreed, we can all reach the conclusion that many musicians would rather not get married. The great Gene Simmons is quite the example.

Special thanks to my guitar friend, Adrian Galysh (who is an accomplished musician and happens to be happily married), for sharing this with me. My favorite part: oh, this is bad; they’re HARMONIZING 😉

– Pauline

2 thoughts on “How to Exterminate Musicians”

  • OMG SO FUNNY AND TRUE! The only thing is, the musicians shown are all male…and quite frankly, I think marriage is WAYYY worse for female musicians than male ones…but then I guess our collective culture is still trying to wrap its puny brain around the idea that women can play instruments…great post, Pauline!