Guess That Guitarists Answers are UP!

Guess That Guitarists Answers are UP!

Alright, so the moment you’ve all been waiting for is finally here. The answers to the Guess That Guitarist trivia I posted a few days ago can be found below: 

1) Frank Zappa 2) George Harrison 3) Slash 4) Jimi Hendrix 5) Keith Richards 6) Jimmy Page 7) Stevie Ray Vaughan 8) Eric Clapton 9) Mark Knopfler 10) Brian May 11) Johnny Ramone 12) Jack White 13) The Edge 14) Chuck Berry 15) Angus Young 16) Pete Townshend 17) Tony Iommi 18) Eddie Van Halen 19) David Gilmour 20) Ace Frehley 21) Ritchie Blackmore 22) Duane Allman 23) Kirk Hammett 24) Carlos Santana 25) John Frusciante 26) Yngwie Malmsteen 27) Kurt Cobain 28) Mike Bloomfield 29) Jerry Garcia 30) Ry Cooder 31) Bo Diddley 32) Jeff Beck 33) Tom Morello 34) Brian Setzer 35) B.B. King

Thanks to all who participated and left their guesses! And just as a reminder, I did NOT create the illustration. As I mentioned in the caption underneath the poster, a really awesome and talented guy called Max Dalton did. Check him out here.

Oh yeah, and I’ll wrap up by saying that I’d totally add DIMEBAG DARRELL to that list!

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