From San Diego to Scottsdale – Anecdotes On My Life in Arizona

From San Diego to Scottsdale – Anecdotes On My Life in Arizona

Yes, it’s a dry heat. Actually, it’s more like walking straight into an oven, but I’m happy to say it’s an oven that I’m lovin’.

I left San Diego sandy beaches in California for majestic Sonoran mountains in Arizona. The average bear would think I’m crazy, but I’m no average bear; I’m a passionate kitten who’s smitten with life.

And since life is what you make it, I’m making things happen.  Two weeks after graduating, I left my hometown of San Diego to start my communications internship with Fender Musical Instruments Corporation in Scottsdale, Arizona. Career-wise for a gal like me, this is a perfect marriage, a match made in heaven.

You can learn more about my internship by following Fender’s vast array of online platforms, which I’ll be contributing to significantly. For now, let’s talk Arizona:

  • I am happily ensconced in Scottsdale between breathtaking mountains that remind me on a daily basis that there is something greater than me. Soothing and insightful.
  • The scenery is so picturesque that it’s worth bearing the unholy temperatures. Alright… I am indoors 95% of the time.
  • People are generally friendlier than in San Diego. I reached this conclusion because people actually acknowledge your presence, greeting you and smiling; you know, like civil human beings.
  • Consumers at Trader Joe’s are neurotic nationwide. This is something I do not miss! “Excuse me, you are preventing me from grabbing my chocolate,” said a pretentious health-nut. My response? “Well, maybe you don’t need it.” BAM!
  • There is no Peet’s Coffee here 🙁 There are a few Coffee Beans scattered here and there.
  • Toyota FJ cruisers are abundant and that makes me jolly. They are giant mini cruisers!
  • Gas is cheaper, way cheaper!
  • Jamba Juice isn’t. My healthy addiction is a whopping $6.26 compared to $5.55 in San Diego. Yes, I remember because I can be obsessive about certain things.
  • People are calm, passive drivers. Whenever you see an aggressive Versa speeding on the highway in Arizona, chances are it’s my coach (my term of endearment for my beloved automobile).

The biggest lesson I’ve learned from this entire experience is one of personal growth: to live a simple life, a life of extreme gratitude. Life is too short to make things complicated.

Viva le guitar and PR.