French Guitar Maestro, Bernard “Cyrloud”



With over 120,000,000 videos circulating in YouTube, the likelihood of running into a channel worthy of your time is slim. Luckily, I was blessed enough to spot Bernard, a one-of-a-kind classical guitarist (and cardiologist) from France.

Bernard, whose nom de plume is Cyrloud, began playing guitar at the age of 14 under the tutelage of Max Poimboeuf. His history of teachers includes Jose Maria Sierra, a notable disciple of the leading 20th century composer, Emilio Pujol.

Cyrloud’s approach to classical guitar is non-traditional and non-mechanical, yet very precise and technically impeccable. His soulful interpretations are truly a gift to one’s ears, and his heartfelt expressions a feast for one’s sight.

I first discovered him while incessantly searching for a good interpretation of Jorge Cardoso’s “Milonga.” When I clicked on Cyrloud’s channel, I was overjoyed to have found such an accurate execution of the Uruguayan tango. And much to my delight, there were 92 other uploads for me to enjoy. I immediately contacted Cyrloud to congratulate him on his beautiful music, and he and I have since then kept in touch. He even dedicated his latest upload to me.

Cyrloud’s music transcends continents and is not limited to the Internet. In my recent trip to San Francisco, I walked into the world-famous Guitar Solo shop and spotted his latest CD, “Jardin Secret.” It’s as though it were right there waiting for me. I gave it a new home and have been thoroughly enjoying it since then.

“Jardin Secret” came into existence after Cyrloud met French guitarist and composer, Jean Marie Raymond. Cyrloud said that meeting Raymond gave birth to a productive musical collaboration ending in the production of his CD. “Poema Nostalgico,” one of the tracks in the CD, is a piece that Raymond composed especially for Cyrloud in observation of their solid friendship and mutual respect.

Cyrloud’s channel has over 1,500 subscribers and total upload views exceeding 1,115,000 hits. He holds a rank as the #93 Most Subscribed (All Time) – Musicians – in France and has over 1,600 friends.

Cyrloud uses a Mario Gropp Special IV model guitar with a spruce top.

To witness one of classical music’s most valuable gems, click on the links below.

Click here to view Cyrloud’s channel on YouTube.

Click here to view Cyrloud’s interpretation of “Cuando Me Vuelvo En El Camino” by Jean Marie Raymond, with a special dedication to me.

Click here to purchase Cyrloud’s CD

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  • Hello Pauline
    Thanks very much for this rewiew about me
    I am very touched and honored
    congratulations for your very good writting
    All the best for you

  • I, too, have fallen in love with the music of Jean-Marie Raymond. Like you, I was exposed to it through the beautiful playing of Cyrloud. To my ears, the music strikes a perfect balance of being expressive without ever resorting to maudlin gestures. In many ways, the substance of it reminds me of the great, short character pieces of Bardenklange, Op. 13 by J.K. Mertz (1806-1856). Both composers – Mertz and Raymond – are clearly endeared to song form. In the case of Mertz, models set forth by Schubert and Schumann. In the case of Raymond, examples by Aznavour and Legrand.

    Song – one of the most simple and direct of musical forms. I’ve noticed that many, French guitar composers – Kleynjans, Piris, Demillac, Raymond – compose in this style. What a breath of fresh air compared to the bulk of late, 20th century guitar music.

    Special acknowledgement goes out to Productions d’oz for making this music available.

    Very nice website you maintain! And you seem to be an interesting individual. Keep up the good work!

  • Hi Cyrloud, love your playing!! I have only been playing for 8 yrs and I find listening to you is inspiring to say the least. It gives me something to strive towards. Love your Dilermando pieces, is there any way I could buy your interpretation of any music ( sheet music ? )
    Where can I perchase your CDS?
    Kind regards Roy