Fender Factory on MSNBC = Best. Week. Ever.

There are hits in your local newspaper, scoring covers on a magazine, and then there’s landing a segment on MSNBC. May I get a hallelujah?

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of working with an NBC producer for a segment on the Fender factory in Corona, Calif., intended to be featured on NBC Latino.

The focus of the segment was to highlight the pivotal role Latinos play in making Fender instruments, and as you can see in the video below, Hispanics have played a crucial role in the development of Fender products since the company’s inception in 1946.

After shooting the segment, little did I know that the final product would be distributed to NBC affiliates worldwide (that equates to hundreds of TV stations, websites, major shows like Nightline, Today Show, etc.) aside from being published on NBC Latino.

The final clip was featured on NBCLatino.com on Sept. 12, and was picked up by dozens of TV stations across the country, as well as many NBC affiliate websites, including MSNBC. The segment reached over 17 million people all over the world.

The reason this is of vast significance to me as a young PR professional is because, well, it is MSNBC, one of the most trusted news sources in the world, but mostly because I was 150% passionate about what I pitched to NBC Latino to begin with.

Several lessons were learned during this entire process, but the biggest one is: don’t pitch anything you’re not wildly enamored by. But don’t get me wrong; even if you work for a company that produces staples and you have to make a staple sound like the most revolutionary creation ever in the history of humanity, try to find a reason to be crazy about the product you’re pitching. If you can’t find one after several attempts, then you may need a change in careers or maybe a gig with a different company.

Anyway, professional journalists are very, very perceptive and adept individuals, and they’ll snif when you’re not being sincere. Believe in what you pitch, pitch newsworthy items, and stand behind what your idea with a fervent passion. Who knows? Maybe it’ll end up on MSNBC.

See the final segment below, or via NBCLatino.com here:


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