Comedian Nick Kroll Satirizes PR with “PubLIZity Public Relations” Skit

Those of you familiar with Nick Kroll (actor, comedian, writer, producer) know that he’s funny, witty and irreverent.

His latest project the Kroll Show debuts on Jan. 16 on Comedy Central, and consists of sketches satirizing pop culture and modern civilization in true Nick Kroll fashion.

One of his skits, “PubLIZity Public Relations,” flat-out ridicules PR professionals, and I’m sure that many PR practioners will be offended by it. I personally think it’s eye-opening and should be used as an example not to follow. That, and it made me laugh.

While it’s true there are people in our field (and other fields) that come across as rather empty headed, there are serious PR professionals with degrees, credentials, an education, and integrity.

Part of our job is to change people’s perceptions, and if we want people to perceive our profession differently, we should start taking action. All it takes is one person. I’ve already started. Have you?

Watch the sketch below: